Memorable prom nights in a prestigious hotel Hyatt Regency in Belgrade organized by our professionals
Superb chocolate production under the brand name Premier

About us

Ever since 1992 we have been doing our best to meet the top-notch standards in all production spheres in order to secure a constant advancement of our products and services.

We have been organizing the traditional Prom Night Ball for three decades with Hyatt Regency, a hotel in Belgrade. We are a part of precious memories for many high school seniors in Belgrade who have enjoyed their prom nights which are always organized of by our big and well-trained team consisted of over 100 people.
Under the brand name Premier and with the help of hardworking and experienced technology engineers who have been working in this field for decades, we produce a first-class chocolate. Along with constant innovations and expansion, we do our best to offer our customers the most and the best of this irreplaceable treat.


Autoput za Zagreb 20a, Beograd
phone: 011 2608 300
PIB: 100027910